About us



In 2005, the Majestic Medical and Tech. Supplies L.L.C were founded with the aim of becoming the leading healthcare distributor in the UAE. The success story started by establishing our main office in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, forming our team and building business partnerships with some of the top manufacturers in the healthcare sector. Since we started, we are aware that our good values will make our company attractive to deal with while offering the best quality products and exceptional services with reasonable prices will sustain the stability of our achievements. In order to keep in growing, we need to keep in doing extreme efforts and our passion for excellence consistently drives us to continue on our missions and turn our aims to reality.

And now after years of dedicated striving, we can proudly say that we became the sole representative in UAE of many prestigious top manufacturers well known globally in the healthcare sector and we have the best infrastructure, systems, logistics and people. We are committed to keep in developing ourselves and seeking for more success to come.




Our company's vision is to be the unmatched leader in improving quality and reducing the cost of healthcare products in our territory.

We aim to be respected and recognized as the first choice provider of healthcare products.

We deliver on our vision through our passion for excellence and consistently seeking to improve the services we offer.




Our company's mission is to provide benefits to healthcare professionals and patients by supplying them with the most effective, safest, reliable, and high quality healthcare products in a highly efficient time frame and at a reasonable cost. and to achieve a suitable return in our business endeavor that will allow growth and sustainability for the company and employees. We commit to bring customer satisfaction through efficiency, innovation, exceptional customers services and our passion for excellence.


Our values drive us all the time to be an ethical, loyal and trustable business partners to all of our customers, suppliers and all the principals we represent.

We strongly believe that our customers, agents  and business partners are the main reasons of our success and we are committed to sustain our good business relationship through accountability, honesty, transparency, integrity and good business ethics.